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Samsung Pabx


Save on Calls!
Situated In Pretoria, our customers choose us because we have continually demonstrated great response times along with excellent service and support.

Tired of broken promises and technicians that do not arrive, or sub standard service to your mission critical telecoms solutions?

Contact us for on call, on demand SAMSUNG, Asterisk and VOIP PABX maintenance and repairs.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, the stability of your communication system is vital ,and we understand the need for fast, efficient service.

Our experienced and qualified technicians are ready to assist you.


The Most Qualified ,experienced and competent Samsung Telecoms technicians.

  • On demand repairs and maintenance.
  • Preventative maintenance.
  • Faulty equipment replacement.
  • PABX programming.
  • Additional ports and extensions.
  • Samsung Call Manager,Man3000, training and installation.
  • V.O.I.P Specialists.
  • Voice Recording.
  • Auto Attendant and Voicemail Specialists.
  • Fast, efficient on site repairs and maintenance.


In most cases where inexperienced installers have been used, messy cabling is the root of the problem.

We will install and cable your PABX system for optimal performance and train staff on the use of it’s functions.

PABX systems today are highly sophisticated pieces of equipment with communication capabilities that will enhance your customers experience.

  • Are you getting the most out of your SAMSUNG ,Asterisk or VOIP PABX solution?
  • Are you battling to get someone to add extra extensions?
  • Are you frustrated with poor service?
  • Is your telephone system down?
  • Has your system been struck by lightning?


Our experienced Samsung and VOIP PBX technicians are trained on all of the Samsung and VOIP PBX products from the NX308 to the Officeserv 7400,Asterisk,Quintum and are quickly able to ascertain what is required to have your communication system running at it’s optimal level for your business.

PABX repairs are often made on-site and in cases where equipment needs testing or replacing, a temporary repair will be made to enable your business to make and receive calls while the parts are tested and repaired.

Our technicians are dedicated professionals who understand the needs of business communication systems as mission critical equipment.


Critical call outs and fast response

  • Lightning damage
  • Lines and/or Extensions Faulty
  • Voice mail
  • Auto Attendant setup
  • Re-programming




Call us right away and experience excellent, reliable service!

Jacques - 071 351 4875


Call-out Fees :

Pretoria R 660 excl Vat
Johannesburg R 780 excl Vat
Gauteng R 900 excl Vat
Durban R 1140 excl Vat
Cape Town R 2280 excl Vat



How to Buy a Telephone System

 Is it flexible?  Does the phone have lots of buttons for speed dial and station busy indications?  Are configurations easy changeable?  Can you forward your phone to an outside number?  If you are on the phone can the receptionist “announce” callers if you are already on the phone?  If voice mail is to be installed, is it easy to use or do you have to remember codes, etc.

 Software Upgradeability.  Many telephone manufacturers are famous for changing their system configurations almost continuously.  You cannot simply keep the same sets and upgrade to a current version through software.  This built-in obsolescence means service on your new system may be difficult to come by down the road, not to mention sky-high prices for replacement parts.

 Review response times and rates.  Does the service company use their own technicians? Are they licensed electricians?  Will you see if different and unfamiliar technician on every call?  How is response defined - is that a call back or does that mean a technician is guaranteed on site? 

 Downtime.  How long will your lines be down during installation?  Will the vendor be willing to do the cut over after your business hours?  If so, will additional overtime be charged?  If voice mail is to be installed, are all the personal greeting pre-recorded for you so it can be used right away?

 The bottom line.  Some phone companies mark down the equipment only to overcharge for installation.  Comparing unit pricing on one proposal to another sometimes does not give a fair comparison. 

 Standard feature or option?  Many proposals list a feature, but to activate that feature is an extra charge.  For instance, if the proposal lists music-on-hold as a feature, does the vendor provide the necessary music source or is it an extra chargeable item?  Is the system caller-ID ready?

 Hands-on demonstration.  Have the company bring you a phone.  Is the handset solid?  How do the buttons feel?  Seam lines?  Brochures often make an inferior telephone look fabulous, when in reality it is substandard in construction.  Trust your judgment.

 Contact names.  Write down names.  Who will install the system and what are his/her qualifications?  Is he/she an employee or a subcontractor?  Who, if anyone, will train you on the system?  If problems arise, who can you call at the vendor office - will the salesperson stay with you and by your decision?

 Last note: It is better to buy an “average” phone system from an excellent service company who will do a detailed job on the installation and programming than the best phone system many can buy, with a poor install and set-up design.  Forget the slick salespeople (and their promises) employed by most phone companies - remember - it is highly unlikely the salesperson is going to be interested in seeing the job through once the sales order is signed ...

Ask to meet with the technician who will actually install your system for answers.


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